This year News Talk 1290 celebrates 10 years as a news/talk station.  We’ve been through many changes over the years.  It’s been country, gospel, classic country; lots of format changes indeed.  It’s the oldest continuously broadcasting station in Wichita Falls.  It was a part of my childhood in this city.  A school field trip to this very station back in the 1970’s planted the seeds of interest that eventually led me to enter the broadcasting business.  So, I am admittedly a little prejudiced in my assertion that 1290 is Wichita Falls’ radio station.  It’s a part of the community, a part of the city’s heritage.  And we’re mighty proud of it, I must say.

I found this YouTube video, a compilation of photo’s of the 1979 tornado and audio from the late James Bond.  Since we are approaching the anniversary of Terrible Tuesday, this seemed like an appropriate reminder of just what radio can do.