Let me ask all of you a question:

Let’s suppose you looked across the fence at your neighbor and say “Hey!  You there!  Check it out-I don’t like you.  I’m gonna burn down your house and kill your family!  OK?  Ok.   See ya round!”

Now, I realize I’m going out on a limb here just a bit, but I’ll wager that you’d get a visit from the cops in short order.  Go to jail?  It’s a good bet.  Sent off for mental evaluation?  It could happen.  What I doubt is that you’d be welcome to drop in on the neighbor’s first cousin’s wedding and give a toast.  You’d probably be met with some resistance.

This is basically what’s happened with Iran and Israel.  This little pinheaded, narcissistic, jack-booted thug of a ‘leader’, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has repeatedly threatened to eliminate Israel and all of its inhabitants.  In a crazy, insane twist, Ahmadinejad has twice been permitted to fly to the United States, land in New York, taken a cozy (and I’ll betcha fully stocked) limo ride to the United Nations building, where he has reiterated these remarks.  And no one, not even the President of the United States, seems to be taking these not-so-veiled threats seriously.

The logical, thinking, rational side of me asks why this creep has not been chained and shackled the moment he stepped off the plane.  Then the realist in me snaps to and remembers that if you’re a vile, evil puppet leader of a radicalized Islamic nation, you can say these things and all of the UN just sits back and chuckles.  And all the while, the Ayatollah sits on high in Tehran, having a chuckle of his own.

The whole situation should scare the hell out of all of you.  What we have here is sabre rattling and war drum pounding that is beginning to take darker and darker turns with each passing year.  Mahmoud Ahma…oh, let’s just call him Little Hitler for short.  Little Hitler really believes that he is the one who’ll set into motion the return of the Twelfth Imam.  He believes this Imam, or Mahdi, the last in a line of saints, disappeared down a well in 941 AD and will soon return, spreading peace, love and good cheer to all. Unless you’re an infidel, that is.  According to Prevail Magazine:

Ahmadinejad and tens of thousands of mullahs are controlling Iran (ancient Persia) and are dead serious about the Mahdi’s return. They are all connected and impassioned with fiery, zealous, religious fervor. Ahmadinejad believes Iran’s redemption will come through a volatile mixture of Islamic ideology and confronting the “world conspiracy” they deeply suspect is instigated by the Crusaders and Zionists (America and Israel); this suspicion and hatred goes back hundreds of years.

Now do you see why this guy is so hot and bothered to strike blades with Israel?  And, truth be told, much of the fighting that has plagued this part of the world predates the Quran.  It’s rooted the origins of the Old Testament, and before.  They don’t have forgiveness on their minds.  I believe that he honestly believes that it is his destiny to set the wheels in motion.  It’s crucial that we keep our eyes on Iran, Little Hitler and the Middle East in general.  To paraphrase cowboy singer/author Mike Blakely, ‘it’s about to get western ‘round here…’