The air in Beijing is full of pollution, so one artist is doing his part to spread a little fresh air. Liang Kegang recently went on a trip to France, and while he was there he “bottled” some fresh air and then went on to sell it for 5,260 yuan, which is about $860.

The selling of the jar is in protest of the pollution in China, and Kegang isn’t the first artist to make an artistic point. MSN reports that other groups have made a stand by performing a mock funeral, and another group played dead in front of a Temple in February.

For his piece, Kegang took a trip to France. He sealed some air in a jar with a rubber seal, then labeled it with “Air in Provence, France” along with his signature and the date.

The big question is, will the winning bidder open the jar. The next question after that is, can we bottle the air here in Texoma and sell it for $860 a pop?