Can you imagine losing your parents to famine?  AIDS?  War?  There are some of us who perhaps had a father or grandfather who died in combat.  But could you imagine having to actually see them killed in a wartime situation before your very eyes?  All of this is tough for you and I to envision in our own lives, but tonight at Bible Baptist Church in Wichita Falls, you can see the faces of some children whose young lives have been touched by just such tragedies.

The African Children’s Choir was started in 1984 by human rights activist Ray Barnett.  “Inspired by the singing of one small boy, we formed the first African Children’s Choir to show the world that Africa’s most vulnerable children have beauty, dignity and unlimited ability.” The first Choir was formed in 1984, selected from orphaned and vulnerable children in the Kampala and Luwero areas of Uganda. After the Choir was trained to perform and readied for living in new and different cultures, the children traveled from Uganda to tour amongst the North American Church communities.

In spite of the tragedies that have left these children without fathers and mothers, they are filled with the spirit of the Lord and they leave behind a feeling of joy wherever they go.  Now, 28 years after the group formed, through the generosity of sponsors and donors, the African Children’s Choir continues to bring their own ‘joyful noise’ to church’s all across America.   I have seen the choir perform once before and I can tell you their story will touch your heart and their music will lift you up.  I had the pleasure of being at Bible Baptist on Tuesday night to welcome the choir and go over some of the details of Wednesday’s performance.  I have never met a group of children so well behaved, so well mannered, so polite, and so truly appreciative of what they have.

Take an hour out of your evening and join myself, Pastor Mike Rucker and his wife Sherrie and the entire Bible Baptist Church family for an evening that you will never forget.   There is no charge for admission.  Bible Baptist Church is located in downtown Wichita Falls, on the corner of 10th and Austin.  The program will begin at 7pm tonight.

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