How much about our currency do you understand?  Have you ever stopped to consider why your cash is worth what it’s worth?  Contrary to what many people still believe, the U.S. dollar is NOT backed by gold or silver.  President Nixon removed us from the gold standard in 1972, a process that actually began during the Great Depression when President Roosevelt basically moved to nationalize gold and demanded citizens surrender their holdings of gold coins and bullion.

So what’s backing the dollar today?  It’s basically blind faith and the economy itself (supply and demand, trade, consumer spending, and so on).  Most of the world’s paper currency is what is known as fiat currency.  It’s not back by gold or any other physical commodity.  If we don’t control the amount of currency in circulation, we could be in very deep trouble.  Let me rephrase that: we ARE in very deep trouble.

The Fed (Federal Reserve Bank-which is NOT a government agency, but rather a private, central bank) has increased it's holdings of U.S. debt 5-1/2 times since Obama took office.  And the Treasury, which creates the physical currency, just keeps printing money.  Remember what I said about controlling the amount of currency in the system?  Apparently, neither the Fed nor the Obama administration sees it that way.  Why not? What could possibly be gained from this type of policy that would be of any benefit to the American economy?   The whole U.S. monetary policy seems to fall into the mold of the objectives of the United Nation’s Agenda 21 Plan.  This video outlines just what Agenda 21 means for the world.

Our national debt, as of last month, broke the $16 billion dollar mark.  Talk radio has been sounding the alarm for years now.  Even during the Bush years, talk show hosts like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity were sending up flares.  More people seem to be aware, but it still seems that so many either don't understand or don't care.  At least not yet.  But ask yourself, just how bad must it get before you sit up an pay attention?

Dangerous monetary policy, coupled with a tax system that is designed to punish success and the recipe for disaster is all too clear.  Two U.S. Presidents have tried to go outside the box where currency is concerned: Lincoln and Kennedy.  Could their monetary policy actions have played a role in their assassinations?  Read more about the Lincoln/Kennedy monetary ideas here.  One thing is for certain; we have two options: sit back, do nothing and let whatever happens happen, or stand up, demand answers and meaningful changes.  It’s time for our elected leaders to man-up for America and our constitution.