Within two weeks of the the theft of the Mane Event Horse statue from Tangles Salon, three arrests have been made.

The first arrest in the case was 19-year-old Kristina Ann Woeller, who is the renter of the apartment where the statue was recovered in pieces.  Woeller was arrested and charged with “theft over $1,500 under $20,000-possession”, and set with a $25,000 bond.  A Crimestoppers tip lead police to Woeller’s apartment at Hunter’s Crossing the day after the theft.  Woeller allowed detectives to search the apartment where the pieces of the horse statue were found in a bedroom closet.  Woeller told detectives that two men had brought the horse to her apartment early the previous morning.  According to Woeller, she told them she didn’t want the statue in her apartment, but didn’t call the police because she didn’t want to get in trouble for something she didn’t do.

The second arrest came a few days later, with authorities taking 20-year-old Alyssa Nicole Wilkinson into custody.  Wilkinson was charged with the same offense as Woeller and also given the same amount for bond.  Wilkinson, who is Woeller’s roommate, gave the same account of events as Woeller, saying two men brought the horse to their apartment early in the morning, and that she didn’t call the police for fear of being arrested for something she didn’t do and possibly lose custody of her child.

The third arrest was the day after Wilkinson’s, this time a suspect of the theft itself.  25-year-old James Gunter May has been charged with the theft, and set with a $25,000 bond.  May has been identified as one of the two men who brought the statue to Woeller’s apartment the morning of the theft.  According to May, he didn’t think what they did was a big deal until he saw the media attention surrounding the theft.  It was at that point May and his accomplice cut up the statue to get rid of the evidence.