Once again a video has surfaced online of police officers abusing their power and attempting to strip innocent citizens of their Constitutional rights.

The video was taken last Saturday night in the entertainment district of Baltimore, which is frequently patrolled by multiple police departments during the weekend. Cops out on patrol were attempting to arrest two people for a variety of charges including disturbing the peace when one officer noticed an unidentified man filming the incident.

The police then confronted the man, trying to make him leave. The man filming the events politely asked the cop if it was illegal to film the scene, to which to cop did not answer. On a side note he was not breaking any laws by filming the event.

Instead, they used force and unchecked aggression to force the man from the area. The most disturbing part of the entire video is towards the end when the cop threatens the man filming, telling him to "walk away and shut your [expletive] mouth or you're going to jail."

The guy filming remained calm and simply responded "I thought I had freedom of speech here."

The cop's answer is truly disturbing. He says "You don't, you've just lost it. Walk away. Keep your mouth shut."

You can see the uncensored version here, but keep in mind these cops drop more than a few F-bombs.

The Baltimore County Police, who were unaware of the video until a local news channel tried reaching them for comment, responded to the events on Tuesday with this statement,

"Baltimore County police have become aware of and are investigating a 2:24 video depicting an altercation between an officer and a male civilian in Towson.

"The video shows an officer confronting a male who is filming the arrests.

"The person filming the incident was not arrested and has not come forward to file a complaint. BCoPD has begun an investigation of this incident and would like to talk to the person who was filming so that a complete picture of what happened can be constructed. Recognizing that a video often represents only a small part of an incident, investigators want to know more about what happened before and after the events depicted on the video.

"BCoPD recognizes and respects the right of citizens to film officers on duty, in a public place, unless the person filming has violated some law or statute."

It seems to me like the very men who are sworn to protect and serve us are casting those roles aside for a more controlling role in society, a society where whatever they say is law and anyone who gets in their way is going down, whether they are within their Constitutional rights or not.

This isn't the first video like this to surface on the internet. Just last week we found video of a man being harassed by police during a traffic stop in Electra, Texas. 

This seems to be a growing trend that we are powerless to control and the only thing we can do to stop it is to be better informed. So know your rights, and let us know what you think below.