Father and Daughter

Every June we don't recognize and celebrate our Dads, no, we recognize and celebrate our Fathers.  Any guy can become a Dad, but to become a true father a man must stand as the corner stone of his family – providing for them, protecting them and teaching them.  But a father's role does not end with providing for, protecting, and teaching family members. A father can, and should, help with the essential nurturing and bonding associated with feeding, playing, storytelling, loving, and all the rest of the activities that make up family life.  All of these things are done by a father without the slightest expectation of recognition.  

Father's Day is just around the corner so let's take our Dads out to have a good time and give them the recognition and appreciation that they deserve.  Here is a list of the best places to take your Dad in Wichita Falls.  Now I know that every Dad is different, so this list is narrowed down to include places to take Dad based on his individual interests.  



Outdoor Adventure Dad

Lake Arrowhead State Park



Any dad with a love for the great outdoors is sure to love an outing to Lake Arrowhead State Park. About 13 miles southeast of Wichita Falls, the state park consists of 524 acres of fishing, camping, lake swimming, water skiing, disc golf, picnicking, nature study, hiking, horseback riding, and boating. 

Click here for directions to Lake Arrowhead State Park.

Gift Idea: Leatherman Freestyle Tool

Leatherman Freestyle Tool

Metro Man


The Metro Man Dad

JoS. A. Bank, Ana's Nails & Tanning, Pasqual


If your Dad is stylish, fashionable, trendy, cultured, & well groomed – overall, very conscious about his image and looks in public – then taking him to get a spa pedicure and tanning session at Ana's Nails and Tanning followed by a shopping spree at JoS. A. Bank (my favorite men's clothing store) is the perfect outing for him!   End the day by getting him all dressed up in his new digs and take him out to a nice family dinner at Pasqual.  

Gift Idea: Old Fashioned Grooming Kit

Old Fashioned Grooming Kit



The Competitive Sports Fan Dad

Field of Honor Paintball & Parkway Grill


Now I would tell you to take him to the Ball Park in Arlington for a Texas Rangers game, but this list is about keeping it local, so tell him to gather up all of his best buds because an intense game of Paintball is in his future!  Field of Honor Paintball is 30 Acres of paintball action with Woodsball, games played out in the woods, and Speedball, games played in an area covered in man-made structures. his excitement and adrenaline levels will be off the charts.  After all that paintball dodging, a cozy seat at Parkway Grill with some of the best home cooked food and 44 TVs to watch will be just right. They are even offering a Father's Day Ribeye Dinner for just $16.99

Gift Idea: Personalized Texas Ranger Stadium Print

Personalized Texas Rangers Stadium Pring

Geeky Guy with Computer


Geeky Tech Dad

Best Buy & Cinemark Theater /Carmike Theater


I really think most every Dad has a little geek in him somewhere, but if yours knows every release date for new Apple products and Marvel movies then he definitely has more than just a little geek in him.  Embrace your father's Geeky ways and set him lose in Best Buy – with a sizable gift card provided by you of course. He's probably going to need a good 4-5 hours in there, so give him some space.  If he doesn't come home with enough DVDs that would take him at least a year to watch, then follow up the Best Buy extravaganza with the in-theater movie of his choice – I prefer going to Cinemark Theater over Carmike because they have the stadium seating, but it just depends on which theater is showing the movie your pops wants to see.

Gift Idea: Sling Media Slingbox (watch and control your home TV and DVR from your laptop or smartphone)

Sling Box

Dad and Son


Devoted Dad (Any Dad)

A Trip Down Memory Lane


If you really want to tug at Dad's heart strings, then take him to a place that is second to none no matter what city you are in. A  place where nothing else matters to him but his family – walk with him down memory lane. Because underneath that tough, rugged, nothing-fazes-me exterior hides a softer side to every Dad.

Gift Idea: Something meaningful that money can't buy

The best Father's Day gift that I have ever received was not a new power tool, a fancy meal or the latest gadget – just a simple heartfelt reminder of what it truly means to be a father.