Summer is right around the corner and that means schools out, kids are free and its really hot. Now some teenagers who happen to be 16 or older will be hitting the job market in an attempt to earn a little money while they have some free time. So when it comes to summer jobs, where can you find one that's best suited for teens?

1. Lifeguard

It sounds kind of easy, and I'm sure it will be after you complete a lifeguard training course. And this job is perfect for that teen that loves to do nothing while getting paid. Yes, you may be required to spring into action at any moment, but any other time your just lounging next to the pool, chilling in the warm summer sun. This is also an amazing way to work on that summer tan. There are several public pools around town that you could apply at, but your goal as a future lifeguard should be Castaway Cove. Our home town water park is now open and getting ready for the summer. You can find their info below.

Website | Email | Phone: (940) 322 – 5500

Photo by Gary M. Prior/Getty Images

2. Lawn Care

This one's an obvious choice. And you don't even really need to hunt down a company and apply and wait unless you want to. You can always get your own mower and weed eater and make the rounds in your neighborhood. This is a guaranteed way to make a little money because grass never stops growing! There are plenty of yard care companies out there if you're interested in finding one but in my opinion, be your own boss. Who can say no to a kid that's trying to raise money by mowing lawns?

3. Fast Food

I can tell you about this one from my own experiences. I got a job at Taco Bell when I was 16 and ended up staying there 3 1/2 years. And in that time I met some of my best friends, made a little money and learned a few life lessons (sounds cheesy I know). And places like Taco Bell and McDonald's are always hiring. Have you seen how many people are working at McDonald's at one time? There's a lot of people, so no reason you shouldn't be able to get a job. Now I know the chances are you have been to several fast food restaurants and you think it's so easy. Well it can be at times when business is slow but once rush hour hits, you better be ready to work. You can always just walk into a place and fill out an application or check out the company's website (look for the career links).

4. Grocery Store

It takes a lot to run a successful grocery store, which is a great reason for you (teens) to apply right now. Walmart, Albertson's, United. They are all a great place to start your career or just make a little summer money. And if you don't want to be the cashier, that's fine. There are tons of positions that you're not even imagining. Like a bag boy. All you have to do is bag groceries and help little old ladies to their cars. What job cold be more rewarding than that? Check out some of the grocery stores in our area. And once again just look for the career link to apply.