Bill Maher is famous, no doubt about that. But for what? Hating organized religion? His foul mouth? His obvious disdain for the slightest hint of patriotism? Yes, yes and yes.

OK.  He's got a fan base. So does Miley Cyrus.

This past weekend, Maher managed to insult every World War II veteran with his remarks on the government shutdown of the World War II memorial in Washington. That would be the same World War II memorial that was built and is maintained with private funds. The same funding that put money aside for the Parks Service to run the memorial. That's right folks! The funding for the operation of the memorial -- an open-air, no staff required memorial -- has already been accounted for.

So what does government funding have to do with it? Not one damn thing.

WARNING!  Maher drops the F-bomb in this one, so you might not want the tender-eared children around.