If you are a regular listener of Kidd Kraddick in the Morning or you've tuned in once or twice in the last couple months chances are you've heard of their Classroom Musical contest. You haven't  Well it's a simple little contest that Kidd and his gang does to help out teachers and give them a chance to totally pimp out their classrooms. All you had to do to enter was film a "Glee" style video of your class singing and dancing plus you had to mention Kidd Kraddick somewhere in the video. They managed to get some pretty cool videos submitted and you can check out the winners of the three $1,500 prizes HERE.

Now unfortunately none of the schools from our area were chosen as the best in their division but our very own Burkburnett High school received an Honorable Mention which is still an amazing job considering Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is broadcast all across the country.

The video was made by Mr. Dallas Bayless and the Burkburnett Jazz band and they did a pretty good job especially when you learn that they wrote all of the lyrics themselves. I like the way the video starts off and it's awesome to hear their band play "Thrift Shop." Congratulations Burkburnett!