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Limbaugh And Fluke: The Not-So-Love-Story
What defines a controversy? What makes a radio program controversial? If we’re being completely honest, anyone can find controversy in just about anything. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure; one man’s controversy is another man’s hot topic of the day. L…
Doc Sabine Takes Radio Show To Hastings For Book Release
For some time now, Doctor David Sabine, a local Psychologist, has been hosting the show Real Life Talk with Doc Sabine each Saturday morning at 11:00 here on News Talk 1290. Last week he stepped away from the studio in the Fidelity Bank building in Parker Square and set up for his broadcast at Hasti…
Are The ‘Death Panels’ Real?
et's travel back in time to 2009. The 'Obamacare' machine was running full steam. Nancy 'Sourpuss' Pelosi was hell-bent; Obamacare absolutely had to be passed, so she could see what was in it. Genius, she is. The lovely, talented and intelligent Sarah Palin stepped

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