I’ve known for quite some time (as I’m sure you have as well) that Cher was nine kinds of liberal crazy.  She’s defended Miley Cyrus’ outrageous can’t-keep-her-tongue-in-her-mouth behavior, but only after she slammed Cyrus in a USA Today interview:

“I'm not old-fashioned. She could have come out naked, and if she'd just rocked the house, I would have said, 'You go, girl.' It just wasn't done well. She can't dance, her body looked like hell, the song wasn't great, one cheek was hanging out. And, chick, don't stick out your tongue if it's coated.”

Cher later Tweeted that she was ‘ashamed’ of her comments on Cyrus.  Really?  I wonder if she’ll apologize to Sarah Palin and to the Tea Party Patriots for her latest Twitter stupidity-


Oh, I’ll go out on a limb here and say there’s a better chance of Cher growing a brain than offering Palin an apology.  Her unabashed support of the Obama regime is no great secret, so hearing her attack Palin this way is really no big shock either.

Keep in mind; this is the same Cher who, back in 1992, came out in support of…hold on to your feather headpiece…H. Ross Perot!  I remember hearing her call in to ‘The Larry King Show’ on CNN one evening when Ross was running for Boss.  She gushed, and I do mean gushed, about how much America needed him.  Her support was short lived, but she practically slobbered on Perot over the phone that night.  And Cher didn’t seem to mind cuddling up to Nancy Reagan for a photo op back in 1985.


Cher with First Lady Nancy Reagan, 1985
Photo: Wikipedia / The White House (public domain)

The left’s hypocrisy really knows no limits.  I don’t think this level of degrading, seething, outright hatred from Hollywiered is anything much of America finds surprising anymore.  What I do find surprising is just how stupid these so-called entertainers and performers are.  Don’t they understand that conservatives enjoy music, comedy, drama and the performing arts, too?  Yet they don’t think twice about insulting us, hurling words so filthy they cannot always be put to print, degrading and marginalizing us, all the while accusing us of doing the very things they do and labeling us as racists (and worse) at the same time.


The only conclusion I can come to is that Cher does not need nor does she want my support, admiration or my money.  Not that she ever had any of it to begin with.  But one thing’s for certain; she’s ensured that she will never have a chance of getting it.  Cher-yet another celebrity I would not wipe my feet on.