In an effort to keep the public up to date on city services and activities, the City of Wichita Falls has launched a brand new monthly email newsletter.  City of Wichita Falls Public Information Officer,  Barry Levy said,

The services and activities supported by city employees are wide ranging and tend to have an impact on our citizens and visitors. The newsletter is a convenient way for everyone to keep up on topics ranging from health alerts to concert schedules.  We want citizens to know what we know so they can plan to attend meetings and events, watch programs on our City Channel, sign up for recreational activities and more.”

The new city newsletter, called "City News" will cover every City department and division and provide valuable tips on how to access and use City services, report on current and proposed improvement projects, list meeting dates for the City Council and many other topics. Citizens can even submit comments and questions that they feel need to be addressed or heard.

Levy added,

We certainly appreciate the tremendous coverage we receive from our local media but we understand that they have limited time and print space. The newsletter will enable us to get the word out about topics that may not get “airtime” but that the citizens will enjoy knowing about."

You may register to receive the "City News" newsletter for free on the City of Wichita Falls website.

Here is a look at the first issue - January 2012