I scream, you scream, we all scream for FREE ice cream. No, seriously it's free, why are you not screaming?

First off let's congratulate Dairy Queen on being around for 75 years. The first ever Dairy Queen opened up on this day 75 years ago in Joliet, Illinois. To mark the occasion, you can go into your local Dairy Queen and get a free small vanilla cone.

That sounds like a perfect plan on a Monday and we're starting to get into some perfect ice cream eating weather.

Dairy Queen will be accepting donations for the Children's Miracle Network today if you would like to give some money. We have a few Dairy Queens in our area if you would like to go get a free cone.

Check Out the Dairy Queens in Our Area Below:

1. 3112 Kemp Boulevard, Wichita Falls, Texas

2.Highway 82 & 277 West, Holliday, Texas

3. 927 East Omega Street, Henrietta, Texas

4. 934 South Center Street, Archer City, Texas