It's a game people, can we all just calm down?

How many stories am I going have to do on this? We had the shooting after the Patriots game. The numerous fights breaking out after the Eagles games. I am sick of it honestly. Let's throw this one into the pile too. Mike Vaughn posted this video of him walking out of FedEx Field last night.

He is just showing the chaos of trying to walk out of the stadium. Several fights are breaking out between Skins and Cowboys fans. I have been to this stadium several times and this appears to be the club level. Yes, where the upper class of the Redskins fanbase hangs out.

Mike captures several different fights, but then he finds one Cowboys fan on the ground. According to Mike, he was just stabbed and you can clearly see a knife on the ground. Going to a NFL game should not be a life and death situation. Can't we all just watch the game, cheer, drink and be happy? When our team loses, do we have to turn to violence?