For some time now, Doctor David Sabine, a local Psychologist, has been hosting the show Real Life Talk with Doc Sabine each Saturday morning at 11:00 here on News Talk 1290. Last week he stepped away from the studio in the Fidelity Bank building in Parker Square and set up for his broadcast at Hastings Books Music & Video.

The reason? A book signing for his latest work, A Chair With A View: Scenes of Heartbreak and Breakthrough in Psychotherapy.

Yes, the good Doctor turned Radio host is also a writer, and to celebrate the release of his new book, took his show to the streets.

On his radio show, Doc Sabine chats with notable and knowledgeable people from across the nation about the real life issues that face us all, inviting everyone to think a little more deeply about what goes on in our world and giving them a glimpse of the issues from another perspective. Guests range from local Wichita Falls individuals like Dr. Louis J. Wilson to national writers, musicians and speakers.

In  A Chair With A View we get an intimate and personal perspective on some of the more thought provoking and powerful stories he's been privileged to hear and help people through.

Real Life Talk With Doc Sabine can be heard every Saturday morning at 11:00 on News Talk 1290.

Dave D.