The disrespect that some people have for our flag absolutely infuriates me.  I once stopped at a local restaurant and sternly corrected a young man who was taking down the flag one evening.  He had thrown it over his shoulder and proceeded to walk back to the building, one end of the flag dragging the ground behind him.  After I finished with him, I had a chat with a manager.  Neither of them could have cared less.  It was very sad.  Our flag has been burned both on foreign soil and on our own many times.   We’ve all seen it.  No, I don't think it's 'free speech'; it’s despicable and it’s cowardly.

One such instance right here in the USA almost took place in front of thousands of sports fans on April 25, 1976.  William Thomas and his 11-year-old son, ran onto the field at Dodger Stadium to burn a flag in ‘protest’.  Did it not occur to them that there were several thousand loyal American’s there that day?  And I assure you they did not expect what would happen next.  The result made a reluctant hero out of the Cubs’ Rick Monday.  Watch the video.  It’ll make you feel good to be an American.