Wednesday, November 9 will be a history making day.  It might even scare the pants off a few people who get caught unaware.  Many months ago, Big Sis, the White House and others decided it was high time we had a national Emergency Alert System (EAS) test.  And it really is just a test.  Honest.  The original plan was to seize the airwaves of every radio and television station in the country for a 3-1/2 minute long test event.  That has now been shortened to just 30 seconds.  You hear these tests on our radio stations all the time.   Per FCC rules, we are required to test our local systems weekly and the state-wide system monthly.  The system is set up to let you, the listener, know that something major is happening.  Severe weather, a child abduction, even a missing elderly individual who might be in danger can trigger the system.  But never before has the system test originated from the very top.  There's all manner of suspicion surrounding the sudden sense of urgency to test it at a national level.  I expect it will happen with little fan fare.  It will just take place and then we go on.  But...make that a big BUT, it won't necessarily look or sound just like any other test.  And this could be the wrinkle.  So, that is why we have worked so hard to get the word out via public service ann0uncements and story after story about the test.  Tomorrow is the day.  1 pm is the time.  And remember...this is ONLY a test.  Really.