18 cents in less than one full day.  That's how much the gas at the United on Old Iowa Park Road jumped.  $3.61 Sunday evening, $3.79 on Monday evening.  Wichita Falls is all over the map:

$3. 63...$3.75....$3.53...$3.79

We can't catch a break.  Nor can the rest of America.  Again, I'd love to be able to point my finger straight at Barrack Hussein Obama and say 'this is YOUR fault'.  Yes, his inaction has had much to do with this current mess.

BUT, the root cause of it all goes back well beyond Obama.  You know it, I know it, and so do the damned speculators who are pumping (pardon the pun) this market full of hot air.  I hate to beat the same old drum again, but this market is not being driven by supply and demand.  It just is not possible.  There is a very real effort, I believe, on the part of speculators to undermine our nations, if not the worlds economy.  Everything we do, trade, transport, ship, move, make and use is totally dependent on oil and fuel.  No crude oil...no gas...no diesel...no commerce.  I don't buy the peak oil crap.  They were talking 30 years ago about the world oil supply running out in ten years, then twenty.  Well, ten and twenty have come and gone and we're still pumping black gold out of the ground, now aren't we?  We aren't running out of oil.  Cushing, OK is about to drown in the stuff.  The only thing putting pressure on our gas and diesel supply right now, so far as I can tell, is the lack of additional refining capacity.  And guess who we have to blame for NOT having more of that?  Yep, good old Uncle Sugar.  Drill, baby, drill.  Build refineries.  I'll keep saying it.  And so should you.  Congress, we're not letting up on this, so you might as well get with the program.