If I had a nickel for every p&m session I've been through with people over the price of gas and diesel, I could fuel up my truck for a year.  Everybody is mad about it.  Nobody has a clue what to do about it.  And still I find plenty of 'why doesn't Obama do something about it' being flung about.  Obama cannot fix this.  Bush could not have fixed this.  Government intervention is the last thing we need.  They'll just screw it up.  There are speculators out there betting against our dollar and running up the futures contracts hard and fast.  I saw a story this morning that said fuel was up on strong U.S. demand.  What strong demand?  Must have been the fleet of Suburbans that carry Harry Reid and his band of merry morons around that did it.  I actually take the time to try and contact people in the know.  There's plenty of oil, lots of gas and diesel.  We need new refineries in America.  Oh, but we are helping to get a rifinery off the ground in America.  South America, that is (and we ain't talking about Louisiana either).  We need to drill our own oil and natural gas.  Those in the business feel just like you and I do.  Gas prices are hitting the ceiling again, just like in '08.  But ALL of the fundamentals have changed since then.  What's next?  Gas has hit the $5 mark in D.C.  Here's a little blurb on it from UPI