If you’re annoyed by those little mosquitoes buzzing around you then don't plan a trip to China anytime soon.

It seems that there have been reports in the last couple months about swarms of Asian Giant Hornets flying around stinging people, and when we say giant we mean GIANT (compared to your average hornet here in the states anyway). The Asian Giant Hornet can grow up to two inches in length with a half inch long stinger that emits a chemical beacon that tells more hornets to sting you.

These hornets are way more than just your average pest though. Their stings have been known to kill, especially since if you get stung by one, more are soon to follow. People in Asia are killed every year by these hornets, mainly in wooded areas, but in the past couple weeks the amount of hornet stings being treated have gone up, as well as the deaths by hornet stings. According to the Associated Press over 100 people in Angkang city area of Shaanxi province have been treated at the Ankang City Central Hospital, 18 of which passed away. That's according to the AP though, some reports are saying as many as 21 people have died because of these hornet swarms.

Now if you’re already terrified then skip over this next part because it only gets worse.

Not only do these giant killer hornets have a huge stinger and deadly venom, they can also fly up to 25 mph, way faster than normal people can run, so once your caught it's game over. Some scientists are claiming the rise in hornets is due to the weather changes. So if you’re planning a trip to Asia anytime soon you might want to reconsider your plans.

And if you thought these Chinese hornets were something to be scared of, wait till you see these Japanese hornets (outnumber 1,000 to 1) take on a hive of Honey Bees. These guys are the Spartans of the insect world.