Sure, they leave a slimy trail behind them when they go from place to place, but are snails don’t really bother anybody, right? That’s not the case in Florida, where the giant African land snail is invading. Residents are catching about 1,000 of them each week, and since they were first discovered in the area back in 2011 over 120,000 have been caught. It isn’t the size that has people up in arms, it’s the destruction they’re leaving in their wake that has people upset. This species will not only munch on plant matter, they’ll also chew up the concrete in your driveway and then go after the plaster and stucco on your house.

To make things worse, these snails have both male and female sex organs and can lay over 1,000 eggs each year, so getting rid of them isn’t an easy task. They’re also said to not be very tasty, so I wouldn’t plan on any fancy French dinners with these mollusks.