The Graham Drive-In needs to do a costly overhaul and you can help make it happen! The theater, which has been around since 1948, needs to spend around $130,000 plus installation to convert to digital projection. Help has come in the form of a contest through Honda, and a few clicks of the mouse may make this dream a reality.

The contest starts on August 9, with 49 other drive-ins taking part. Voting continues through September 9, and The Graham Leader states the top five theaters will receive a digital projection purchase and installation. It is believed you may vote once per day during the time period.

The 1950s were when drive-ins were at their peak, with an estimated 4,000 to 5,000 theaters in operation. It is now believed that there are only 355 operational drive-ins in the United States, with 17 of those located in Texas.

In Graham, the drive-in is still operating on 35mm film, something that won’t be an option after this year. That means the costly upgrade must take place if they hope to stay in business, but that’s a lot of dough. Their Web site states:

This is a marathon, not a race. So please vote every day! While you drink your coffee in the morning, vote for Graham Drive In. After you put the kids to bed, vote for Graham Drive In. When you take your lunch break, vote for Graham Drive In.

Vote here to make it happen!

Watch the video Graham Drive-In made for the contest: