An accident on Kell East closed the freeway from Barnett Road to McNeil Ave. Sunday evening.  Law enforcement and first responders have had their hands full since snow and sleet moved into the area Sunday afternoon.

Injury accidents were reported at Central Freeway and 9th Street and Kell and Fairway.  A series of minor accidents were reported on Central Freeway at Maurine Street, Kell Blvd. at Lawrence Road and Kemp Blvd at Avenue T.

Residence are advised to stay off roads for the remainder of the night unless travel is absolutely essential.  Hazardous road conditions will persist into Monday morning.  If you must travel at all, even in town, here are some tips to stay safe:

  • Make sure you have a flashlight, bottled water, blankets, cell phone, cell phone charger and snacks in your vehicle.
  • Avoid lesser traveled or rural roads, as they will likely have more snow accumulation.
  • Remember, bridges and overpasses tend to be the most dangerous during an ice/snow event
  • If your vehicle should start to slide, do NOT slam on your brakes.  Pump the break gently and steer in the direction of the slide.
  • Above all, slow down, take your time, stay alert and arrive safe.