1. Kell House Museum - 900 Bluff Street

Active in business and civic enterprise,especially milling and railroads, Frank Kell helped organize the city's first electric company, develop the local street railway, and constructed the city's firs major office building. Kell built this Neo-Classical home in 1909, and it remained in the family until 1980 when it became a Museum.

2. Kemp Center for the Arts - 1300 Lamar

Details & photo included within Historic Neighborhoods; Original Townsite, No. 4.

3. Museum of North Texas History - 720 Indiana

The Museum, founded in 2000, located downtown in the Lindemann building, provides a glimpse of local/regional history depicted through inspiring and educational exhibits.

4. Wichita Falls Railroad Museum - 500 9th Street

Founded in 1980, the Museum features fourteen railroad rolling stock units, eight motor car units, and railroad memorabilia to tell the story of the railroads that once served Wichita Falls.

5. Wichita Falls Fire & Police Museum - 102 Pecan Street

Explores the history of local fire and police through antique fire trucks, police vehicles and other artifacts.

6. Kell Air Field Terminal Bldg (Little Adobe - Heritage Center) - #2130 Heritage Way/Missile Rd., SAFB

At one time, Kell Field was the sole aviation facility for North Texas. Known as "Little Adobe," this Pueblo Revival building was constructed in 1928 and was incorporated into Sheppard Field in 1941. Legendary aviators such as Wiley Post, Charles Lindbergh, and Amelia Earhardt have touched down here. After 75 years the building was in dire need of restoration and in 2003 the building underwent a major refurbishment. The building now houses theatre/historical films and state of the art military aviation exhibits from WWI through present day.

7. Call Field Aviation Memorial Museum & WWI Curtis Jenny - Kickapoo Airport - 4515 Jacksboro Hwy.

Chronicles the history of Call Aviation Field and Wichita Falls' participation in World War I. Among the exhibits is a rare JN4-D "Jenny" plane circa 1916-1918

8. Wichita Falls Museum of Art - 2 Eureka Circle

On May 27, 1964, the Charter of Incorporation for the museum to operate was approved. Since the museum's opening on April 1, 1967 the museums mission has varied over the years, but now concentrates on art and is managed by Midwestern State University. This facility also maintains the Lester Jones Collection, a diverse collection of historic photographs, dating from the 1890s-1960s.

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