Snow fall in Wichita Falls usually means at least two things - a snow day for the kids, and icy roads for the rest of us. This morning, those icy roads got the best of two drivers just east of Wichita Falls.

Two cars traveling on 287 near Wichita Falls lost control early this morning due to the icy road conditions and ended up in the pond in the median near Bright Ideas Charter School. Police say that no one was seriously injured and that all involved were able to walk  (swim) away from the accident.

Fire and Police personnel have been responding to traffic and emergency response calls since the snow began to fall and roads began to ice up. Street crews hit the road at 7:00 am with three sand trucks to spread chat on busy intersections, hills, overpasses and on and off ramps.

With freezing temperatures, black ice is something to be very wary of. Adjust your driving for the conditions and stay safe.