It scares me sometimes how much we have to depend on credit cards, debit cards and the like.  I learned just yesterday that a family member may be the victim of identity theft.  He's got a collection agency on him for a debt that is definately not one he created.  What's even more troublesome  is the spate of data breeches lately.  Last month, the state of Texas revealed it had inadvertantly posted millions of Texans info on an FTP site that was briefly accessable by anyone.  Sony revealed earlier this week that it's Play Station Network had been hacked and tens of millions of customers were potentially at risk.  Today, it's revealed that an employee of the New York Yankees 'accidentally' emailed data on 17,000 season ticket holders to hundreds of people.  We all need to be vigilant.  Check your credit report.  Make sure identity hasn't been exposed to theives.  Monitor your checking, savings and other accounts daily if possible.  Theives will stop at nothing to rob you of your wealth, no matter how much or how little you have.  It's up to each of us to police our own finances to be sure we don't become their next victim.  For more on how to prevent identity theft and steps to take if you think you've been compromised, visit the BBB website.