Two events that have caught my attention the past couple of weeks are just stomach-churning for the patriot: seeing someone desecrate our nations flag and hearing someone disrespect our national anthem.

First, rap 'star' Lil Wayne appears to trample and American flag while filming a new video on New Orleans.  The so-called 'artist' took to Facebook, attempting some damage control after the fact.  He claims the image was some sort of 'camera trick', though stills from the shoot seem to show otherwise.

Next, we have Lady Gaga's futile attempt at pandering to the gay agenda.  While performing the National Anthem at the Gay Pride kick-off parade on Friday, Gaga changed the lyrics from "home of the brave" to "home of the gay."  Former Representative Allen West called her actions 'reprehensible'.  That's putting it lightly. For the most part, Gaga is just imitating what Madonna did in the 80's-going for the shock and awe factor at every opportunity.

It seems that nothing is sacred anymore.  For those of us who are students of history, who have a deep, abiding respect for the origins of our existence on this continent, things like this are beyond the pale.  How can anyone behave this way?  Is it ever acceptable to cross such lines for entertainment or attention?  Not no but hell no!  These so-called entertainers would not have the proverbial pot to piss in nor the window to throw it out of were it not for the efforts of millions of patriots whose blood, sweat and tears have been expended to ensure, protect and defend the freedoms that allow them to behave this way.  But just because you can, does not mean you should.  Respect is a trait they clearly lack.

What's your take on these situations?  Take a moment and leave your comments below.