I'll admit, I did not know who Tomi Lahren was until just a few days ago. I'm sorry I've not discovered this young woman sooner. She's not only on point, she's saying what millions of American's are thinking but, sadly, many do not have the courage to say.

It's sad that so many people are fearful of telling the truth. Some are afraid they'll loose friends, family or their job. Many simply don't feel they have a right to say it. Not only do we have a right, we have an obligation. Tomi, you have a new fan in Texas.  Actually, I'm sure you have many, many more all across America.

I will add only this, in the words of Dr. Mark Christian of the Global Faith Institute (Mark was born in Egypt and raised a Muslim and is now a Christian living in America): There is no 'good Islam' or 'bad Islam'. Islam is Islam.

Here's Tomi in her own words on her OAN program 'On Point'.