Even more evidence that humanity is doomed by its own stupidity, someone has posted death threats to the 5-year-old star of the Disney Channel’s ‘Good Luck Charlie’.

According to CNN, online death threats were posted to Mia Talerico, who plays the title character in ‘Good Luck Charlie’.  The series, though a popular show for the Disney Channel, has been cancelled and will be wrapping it up its 100 episode run on February 16th.  The LAPD are not disclosing the details of the threats as they are “very sensitive”, but the threat management unit is leading the investigation.

Though the nature and reasoning of the threats are not being revealed, some have already started to speculate a connection to the controversies surrounding a recent episode of ‘Good Luck Charlie’ where Charlie has a play date with Taylor, a new friend from pre-school who has two moms, a first for the Disney Channel.