14 Wichita Falls Fire Fighter units responded to battle a large house fire at the 1700 block of Polk Street - on the corner of Avenue G across from Zundy Junior High - in Wichita Falls around 11:30 am Monday (8/6) morning.

Firefighters manage to extinguish the blaze rather quickly after arriving, however; the house did sustain massive fire damage.

We have been told that there were children inside the house at the time of the fire who all managed to escape without harm. There is no official word yet as to what the cause of the fire was or if the children inside were home alone.

UPDATE: 8/6/12 3:56 pm:

The Wichita Falls Fire Marshall's office has told us that a child playing with a cigarette lighter caused the fire.  The two children inside the home (11-years-old and 8-years-old) were home alone at the time of the fire - no injuries have been reported.

The home is a total loss and 90 percent of the families belongings have been lost. The family did not have insurance.  The American Red Cross will step in to assist as much as they can.