You’ve heard it a few times, “Never shop while your hungry!” Well I’d like to add to that, -And never eat out without first consulting -The List. Every discount helps when keeping track of savings and expenditures, so we wanted to acknowledge a few local restaurants that offer discounts to senior citizens of the community.

IHOP1004 Broad St;

4025 Southwest Parkway
10% if ordering from the regular menu. They also have a discounted seniors menu.
Carl's Jr.1304 Broad St;

2053 Loop 11
Wendy's2311 Old Jacksboro Hwy;

3601 Kemp Boulevard
Grand Buffet Seafood & Sushi4407 Kemp Blvd10%
El Mejicano RestaurantCentral Fwy Ste 900 10%
KFC2810 Central Fwy;

1600 Archer City Highway
El Chico1028 Central Fwy;

2801 Southwest Pkwy # A
Arby's501 Holiday street;

4601 Kemp Boulevard
55+ receive 10%
McDonald's1412 Holliday St;

1607 Enterprise Street

3130 Lawrence Road
65+ 35 cent drinks
Burger King1307 Holliday St;

4004 Kemp Boulevard
65+ 54 cent drinks
Denny's1206 Central Freeway;

4301 Kemp Boulevard
Members of AARP can bring their card in and receive a 20% discount, or free coffee.


This list is a good start, but if you know of any other places offering discounts to seniors please let us know and we will update our content as we receive your emails.