It’s not every day you get to go to a movie theater and watch a film that was completely produced in Wichita Falls, but that’s where I found myself Sunday evening at the premiere showing of “3 Ways To Kill A Mook” at the Cinemark Theater in Parker Square.

In case you’re wondering, a “Mook” is a foolish, insignificant and contemptible person who needs to have his mouth shut. This is typically done in one of three ways and in this film all three ways come into play. Although not necessarily the way some of the characters intended them to.

Watch the trailer for ’3 Ways to Kill a Mook:’

The film was produced entirely in Wichita Falls, uses only local talent and is currently making the rounds at film festivals around the world. While the premiere event was by invitation only, there are plans to make it available for general viewing.

“3 Ways To Kill A Mook” stars Larry Sharp, J.W. Harmon, Nick Turnbow, Tony Kerns, Brianna harmon and Obelea Rue. It was produced by Jesse Johnson and John B. Harmon, with J.W. Harmon, Brianna Harmon, Jack Johnson, Jeri Harpole Sharp as Executive Producers. Nick Turnbow wrote the screenplay and he and Jesse Johnson directed the film.

The film has an “R” rating because of a lot of harsh language, but as Jesse Johnson says, “That’s to lend the film some realism. We’re talking the mob, after all.”

This is not a film I would bring children to, but it is a film that is entertaining and fun to watch. And if you’ve been in Wichita Falls very long you’re going to recognize people and places, and that’s always cool on the silver screen.

Dave D.