There are some sick-minded individuals among us.  This story is an example of just how depraved some of those people can be.

Sometime late Monday night or very early on Tuesday, a person or persons unknown broke into the “Zoo 2 You” property on Horseshoe Bend and did the unthinkable - they killed several of the zoo’s animals. Seven rabbits and a wallaby were killed.  Several deer and another wallaby were missing and are believed to be on the run somewhere in the area near the zoo.

The thugs even stabbed and beat a potbellied pig named ‘Peanut’.  It’s a crime that screams depravity. After all, if he/she/they would do this to an animal, imagine what they could do to a human?

Pam and Ron Rittenhouse, the zoo’s owners, have reportedly offered a $1,000 reward for info that leads to an arrest.  Anyone with info should contact the Wichita County Sheriff’s Office at 940-766-8170.