I can think of one million other places to do drugs other than when a cop is directly behind you. 

I guess people are trying to make these arrests easier nowadays. Just last week, right here in Wichita Falls, a man was driving drunk and ran his car right into the back of a parked cop car. That made one DWI arrest pretty easy. This cocaine possession charge is gonna be another easy one.

A Seattle police officer pulled over a 73-year-old man for having his headlights out. The cop was going let the guy off with a warning, but when the officer came back to the car the man had a line of coke on his hand. The officer was shocked and the whole thing was caught on video.

The only thing I could guess was the man thought the officer was going to search him and he was trying to hide the evidence. He should have been able to see him coming in the mirror though, right?