Just one day after a woman was shot and killed after she rammed the White House gates and led police on a car chase toward the Capitol, another tragic event in D.C. has occurred. At about 4:30 pm Friday afternoon (Oct 4), police responded to the National Mall where a man had set himself on fire.

Witnesses say that the man poured gasoline all over himself before burning himself alive. Nearby joggers came to his aid tearing off their clothes and using them to beat out the flames.

"I saw like a spark. Then he just went completely up in flames," One witness says. "Some heads up joggers put out the flames," she added. "A guy took his shirt off, ran over, you know, start trying to beat the flames out. A couple other joggers also stopped to help."

"It's very shocking," she said. "It's horrifying. Literally watching this guy go up in flames. There was not really anything anybody could do."

The man was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition with 80% of his body burned. The Associated Press is reporting that a District of Columbia police spokesman has said that the man died earlier this morning (Oct 5) from his injuries. He says the man was so badly burned that he will need to be identified through DNA and dental records.

Witnesses also say that an accomplice was present at the scene filming the entire ordeal. Authorities say no motives are known at this time.

Here are some photos from the scene: