On Wednesday (Oct. 31), 37-year-old Herbert Ridge of Mesa, Arizona was using a homemade electric-powered gas siphoning machine to steal gas from someone's truck when things went awry.

Herbert was siphoning gas from a truck in a stranger's driveway when his machine sparked and he accidentally set himself on fire.

First he rolled around in the street to try to put out the fire. When that didn't work he hopped in his truck to drive away, but ended up setting the cab of his truck on fire too. So he bailed from the moving truck.

His truck then crashed into another person's garage and set that house on fire, too. Fortunately by this point people had come outside to see what was going on, and a neighbor was able to put out the house fire using his garden hose.

Herbert was somehow the only person injured in all of this. He was hospitalized with severe burns and is facing several charges.

Watch amazing surveillance footage of the man stealing gas and setting himself on fire: