Probably the only player on the Dallas Cowboys practice squad that you can name, is already making an impression.

I could care less about someone's sexual orientation. Seriously, I was actually a little embarrassed to hear a few Cowboys fans were outside the game picketing the signing of Michael Sam. Granted, it was a very small group of fans. This guy was the co-defensive player in the SEC. Now I don't watch college football, but I do know the SEC is the best conference.

Believe me the Cowboys could use some help on the defensive side of the ball. In case everybody forgot the Cowboys were the WORST defense in the NFL last year. Giving up an average of 415 yards per game last season. Forcing me to drink myself into a coma at least once a week. So trust me, any help we can get will be appreciated. So if you're freaking out about someone being on a practice squad, you may need to rethink your priorities in life.

Well I am glad to have Michael Sam on my team and it looks like he is doing great on the practice squad. “He’s done some good things,” Rod Marinelli defensive coordinator for the Cowboys said. “The only thing he really gets is some of our individual periods and then he gets some one-on-one rushes on Wednesday, and I think he’s gotten a little bit better.

“But it’s tougher for a practice squad guy because these other guys here, they’re pounding with all week long in terms of fundamentals and game-planning and those things. So it’s a little tougher, but he’s got movement. I like his quickness and his instincts. He’s got really good work habits, so just keep working to develop him.”

The Cowboys have had a lot of injuries at the defensive end position this season. Anthony Spencer is hurt right now and is expected to play the first month of the season. Demarcus Lawrence is going to be out two to three months. So if Michael Sam keeps improving, we may see him on the active roster this season. You can listen to every Dallas Cowboys game on NewsTalk 1290.