The National Geographic Channel's show 'Hacking the System', starring Brian Brushwood from Austin, TX, will be available on DVD this Saturday.

Starting on Nat Geo as a two-episode special, 'Hacking the System' focuses on ways everyone can beat the system, be it protecting your home or getting the best deal on a used car.  Extended to a 10-episode season, Brian Brushwood and his co-host/producer Jason Murphy (from Rage Select) showed audiences how to survive in the wilderness with minimal supplies, survive without power for 72 hours, make the best impression at a job interview, and so forth.  Brushwood uses his 15-year experience as a magician and social manipulator to show people how to the beat the system, but also what to be wary of in your day-to-day life.

The full first season of 'Hacking the System' will be available on Amazon this Saturday, but the series is also available for download now on iTunes.

Check out a full episode of 'Hacking the System'!

You can also check out Brian Brushwood's internet series 'Scam School' HERE!