The Wichita Falls Police Department is warning area residents about a new scam involving the popular classifieds-style website Craigslist.  According to WFPD Chief Dennis Bachman, this scam involves houses for sale or rent. A person outside of the U.S. is obtaining photos of homes and then obtaining current owner information through the Appraisal District.  The person then posts the photos and info on Craigslist using an email that they create containing the owners’ name. Once a victim shows interest in the property the subject then asks for a deposit to be sent to an address outside of the United States and that the keys for the property will be sent as soon as the deposit is received.  So far, there has been one victim home owner and realtor and two persons who have sent money to an address outside of the United States.  Bachman says that if someone feels like they have been a victim or knows someone who has been victimized by this scam please contact the Police Department.  That number is 940-720-5000.