President Obama made a surprise appearance in a taped clip during the Academy Awards Sunday night (Feb. 27th).  In the clip he let the world know that his favorite movie song was "As Time Goes By." which was featured in the classic movie 'Casablanca'.  I was not amused.

Do we really care what Obama's favorite song is?  Yes, his appearance was pre-recorded and probably took all of about 10 minutes of his time, so I'm not overly concerned about him wasting his time.  I am just to the point where I could care less about seeing the lighter, fun side of the President.  How about seeing some sensible actions regarding all this change he has promised, instead of more meaningless gibber-jabber?

Good ole'  "Dubya" Bush is not even close to being on the same level as Obama when it comes to public speaking, but at least he was a man of action. I'll take a bumbling orator that does exactly what he says he will, over a smooth talking, irresolute storyteller any day. So yes, President Bush, I do miss you.

All I'm saying is that maybe Obama should leave the Award Show antics and favorite song announcements to the entertainers that get paid to do so. Next time I see him on television I hope it is to show us that he has done something that will have a positive affect on the state of our Union, which is what he gets paid to do.