Media analyst, political activist and author Mark Dice takes to the streets to illustrate for us just how uneducated and unaware some of our fellow Americans are when it comes to political issues, the Constitution, etc..,.

Dice is a controversial guy.  According to Wikipedia, back in the summer of 2008, he urged people to send DVD's to American GI's in Iraq claiming 9/11 was 'an inside job'.  Frankly, Mark, that's well beyond a stretch in my book; 9/11 was al Queda's deadly plot.

That said, his man-on-the-street approach to testing the knowledge of people reveals just how disconnected some of our fellow Americans really are.  The results are eye-opening and frightening.

As funny as these videos are at times, they are so very, very sad.  How can adults be this stupid?  They are out there, walking among us, breathing perfectly good oxygen and reproducing.  God help us all.  Watch, laugh, cry and share with everyone you know.