I’ve noticed more and more commercials don’t reference Christmas.  Clearly, this is done to try and remain ‘politically correct’, so as not to offend anyone.  Everyone makes use of the term ‘holidays’.  The word holiday is derived from the Old English term hāligdæg, hālig-holy and dæg-day, holy day.  Of course, most that use the term so heavily have no clue that is the case; it’s just another word for ‘let’s take the day off work!’

I don’t care if you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, agnostic or atheist, it’s just disingenuous to try and ignore the origins of the word Christmas.  Crīstesmæsse in Old English translates to Christ’s Mass or Christmas as we know it today.  Don’t like it?  That’s certainly your right, but can we please stop with this idiotic nonsense of trying not to offend anyone with the word Christmas?  You do not have a right to NOT be offended.  We are a nation whose laws, traditions and social order is based almost entirely in Christian tradition, Biblical / Judeo-Christian principles and, yes, even lots of pagan traditions, too.  It is what it is.  Deal with it.

This song from the ACLU encourages you to just say no to shops and stores who shun the words ‘Merry Christmas’.  No, it’s not that ACLU.  The song is from the American Christian Life United Choir.   Enjoy.