In one of the weirdest things ever to end up documented on YouTube, Colton Wright brought us along on a very interesting adventure involving an owl. It all started with him finding this owl sitting at the window INSIDE his kitchen. He pulled out the phone and (apparently forgetting to hold it the right way) took this video of the adventure.

We will look past the fact that he screamed like a little girl when the owl started flying. Can you say you wouldn't necessarily react the same way? Suddenly he had to deal with a situation that most of us don't plan for. How can you get this owl out of your house? After lots of planning, an idea was hatched!

After 40 minutes of of hysterics, it did neither of us good. We finally compromised and I was able to get him (or her) out using a swiffer.

That's right, using a Swiffer sweeper, he was able to move the owl and put him outside the open window. Yet again, he documented this (while still holding the camera vertically) on (slightly NSFW due to celebratory curse words) video.

Thank you, Colton. Now, if any of us are ever placed in a similar situation, we can reach for our trusty Swiffer Sweeper and know that it's not just for easily cleaning our floors. It can also eradicate misplaced owls. On another note, the owls death glare while being moved is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen!