This an amazing and hilarious list. Time to go pick up some six packs.

When I watch the Dallas Cowboys play, I drink Miller Lite. Only because it is the only beer of the Dallas Cowboys. Yeah, I am sucker for marketing. You put that blue star on anything and I will probably buy it. Well Jennifer Bui at Thrillist thinks every NFL team has their signature beer.

Go into this with a sense of humor. I loved it. All of these beers are featured in the cities that the team plays in. Be sure you check out Jennifer's full list. Since I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, let's see what she had to say about the NFC East.

Dallas Cowboys: Deep Ellum, Dreamcrusher

In 2014, this potent double IPA paired beautifully with the thrilling Dez Bryant catch that wasn’t. What will it pair with this year? A backbreaking Tony Romo interception? Tony Romo’s back actually breaking? DeMarco Murray torching the Cowboys for 150 yards in a critical game? When it’s the Cowboys, no time is the wrong time for crushed dreams.

New York Giants: Threes Brewing, I Hate Myself

The beer of the Giants for the 2015 season is Threes Brewing’s I Hate Myself, which is also what JPP must be saying to himself over and over again whenever he glances at a hand that presumably resembles a pile of deli meat. If any Giants player would be involved in a fireworks accident, I would’ve picked Eli. He looks like he’s a little rascal, always getting into trouble! Anyways, as a lifelong Eagles fan, I hope JPP comes back and plays so that the Eagles can crush the Giants at full strength. That’s assuming Cruz makes it back too. In other words, it’s gonna be a long season, G-Men fans.

Philadelphia Eagles: Yards Brewing Company, Golden Hopportunity IPA

Chip Kelly made a huge mark on the roster for the upcoming 2015 season by seemingly trading or releasing anyone who wore an Eagles jersey during the 2014 season. You could say that this presents a Golden Hopportunity (sorry) for the franchise in Chip’s third season, as new talent like DeMarco Murray, Sam Bradford, Kiko Alonso, and rookie Nelson Agholor take the field for the first time. As an Eagles fan, I’m so excited for the season to begin that I could throw batteries at a guy in a Santa Claus costume while drinking a glass of wooder.

Washington Redskins: Right Proper Brewing, Spirit Animal

Sure, Kirk “Me and My” Cousins (and you and your cousins) being named the starting QB is a fairly big development, but as long as the football team in Washington has a name so politically incorrect some publications won’t actually print the team’s name – like the hometown Washington City Paper – we’re going to say that’s still a huge talking point in the 2015 season. That’s why this year’s beer is the farmhouse ale Spirit Animal, as the DC team should realize that naming themselves after an actual animal might be a better look. May we recommend the Washington Pigs? It works on so many levels!

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