Tonight, expect some changes from debate #1.  First of all, tonight's debate format is a 'town hall' style.  President Obama will, once again, have to go it alone; that is, sans the teleprompter.  Off-the-cuff is not his strong point.  Once again, you can expect some of the president's past statements to return to haunt him (" didn't build that"; "If we don't fix's a one-term presidency...").  But expect a more aggressive and a more attentive Obama tonight.  Romney will need to be laser-sharp and determined.  Obama will bring as much "A" game as he can under the circumstances.  As for the moderator, Candy Crowley, expect her to be every bit the liberal bulldog she is.  Somehow, I just don't see Crowley reining it in.  That is unless they assign a handler with a cattle prod to sting her as needed.

So, where can you watch tonight's debate, even if you can't be at home in front of the television?  Here's a list of where you can watch, even on the go!