Yes, you read the headline correctly. President Obama made a special visit to the set of the internet hit Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, where nothing was off limits.

Other than the fact that the President of the United States was the guest, the show went on in it's typical Between Two Ferns style, with Galifianakis making fun of everything from North Korea to birth certificates.

The President had a few jokes of his own though, but eventually the real reason for the video comes out. He's there to plug his new health insurance system, which draws a few sighs from Galifianakis.

Director Scott Aukerman said in an interview that "We kept expecting them to say, 'no, no, no, you can't have that joke', or 'no, no, no, you can't be funny, it has to all be about the Affordable Care Act. They knew that it had to be funny and it had to be what we normally do for anyone to actually watch it. So, to their credit, they actually stayed out of our way with it."

The video is absolutely great and you can see below.