Meet 30-year-old Jeremy Meeks. Apparently he's the Brad Pitt of felons.

The Stockton, California police department arrested Meeks on five felony weapons charges and posted his mugshot to their Facebook page Wednesday (6/18).

After taking one look at this man's ridiculously good-looking mug - complete with striking baby blue eyes and flawlessly chiseled bone structure - women (and some men) on the internet went completely bonkers, and the likes and shares came pouring in.

Some people even changed their Facebook profile pic to Meeks' mugshot.

As of today (6/20) at 12:52 pm central, the original post by the SPD has over 66,000 likes, 19,000 comments and over 8,000 shares.

Some of the comments include:

"He can kidnap me anyday... Hold me against my will lol."
“Such a bad boy….your gonna need a whipping!!!! Come to mama!”
"Wow be my baby daddy”

But sorry ladies, this bad boy is already taken:

Yep, Jeremy Meeks has officially become a meme: