Some things really make you question what planet we’re on.  This story is one of those things.  The Daily Caller reports that Trader Joe’s has pulled the plug on plans to build a new store in a northeast Portland neighborhood.

Why did they decide not to build?  This the part that will make you take a step back and question where you’ve landed.

A group of ‘concerned citizens’ protested the store.  A group called the Portland African-American Leadership Forum (PAALF for short) sent a letter to the company saying “it would remain opposed to any development in N/NE Portland that does not primarily benefit the Black community.” It said the store’s presence would “increase the desirability of the neighborhood,” for “non-oppressed populations.”

Non-oppressed populations? Seriously? Is this code-speak for ‘white people’? Are they afraid that Hispanics might drop by? Talk about bigotry. Where's the outrage? I don’t see much criticism being leveled over this. In fact, had I not stumbled over a post about this on Facebook, chances are I would not have even found the story. Now, imagine if the positions were reversed. What if this were a group of white citizens claiming the retail chain store would "increase the desirability of the neighborhood for oppressed populations"? Can you imagine the hailstorm of criticism? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would run over women, children and puppies to get to Portland in time for the photo op.

What this group of 'concerned citizens' are engaging in is openly racist. If we are ever going to effectively combat racism in our nation, it must be a two way street. You cannot condemn it for some and not for others. That does not work. Trader Joe’s has bowed to pressure and apparently chosen not to fight. That’s fine.Their choice. But the media and citizens of all races should be outraged. Wrong is wrong.  And this hot mess is wrong on every level. I hope the citizens of Portland will have the courage to call it what it is.

And a sidebar to Trader Joe's: come on down to North Texas. Folks here of all races are always open to new jobs and more money in the economy.